About Us

 Belle Mar Swim

The name Belle Mar is a play on words inspired by the Carolina and California coasts. Del Mar is derived from Corona Del Mar and translates to "by the sea." Belle is derived from the phrase 'southern belle' and means "beautiful woman."

Belle Mar • noun • beautiful woman by the sea 


About Us


Belle Mar Swim is a women's luxury swimwear and accessory boutique located in Wilmington, North Carolina. We specialize in quality fabrics, flattering fits, and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to provide women with a wide variety of options and a tailored shopping experience. We strive to be a reliable one-stop-shop for your year-round swimwear needs.


Our Mission 


We recognize the profound healing and feel-good effect of time spent outdoors in the sun, salt and sand. Be it alone time or quality time with loved ones, we value the multi-faceted health benefits nature provides and encourage women to spend more time soaking up those rays by helping them look and feel their best in quality swimwear that's comfortable and flattering.


Thank you for supporting our small business.

-Belle Mar Swim